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Everyone Benefits With Our Proven Program of Home Tending Services

Home tending is one solution to the plight of homeowners who want to sell homes but find that the market has changed in the last decade and is no longer the ideal seller’s market. Houses can sit empty for an extended period of time; which may raise home insurance and can steadily devalue the home. When a home is vacant, unless the current owner still lives in the area, things such as basic maintenance can be neglected; lawn or garden and pool care can suffer disastrously, adding unexpected costs for the homeowner and possibly delaying the sale of the home. For this reason, many now turn to a home tending service or create a contract with someone to live in the home and keep it properly maintained until such time as it is sold.

Research has indicated that furnished, decorated, and occupied homes sell faster and receive higher offers than vacant homes; with home tending in place, some homes can even sell up to sixty percent faster than comparable vacant homes and received higher offers, according to the National Association of Realtor’s.

How much does it cost? Our services are at NO COST to the home owner or Realtor! Our fees are paid by the Home Tender. You receive the benefits of having a beautifully furnished, staged, and maintained home at no cost to you.

The Home Tender also pays the utilities and maintains the property in “show condition” at all times. Realtors can continue to show the home on lockbox and schedule open houses 7 days a week, provided a 30 minute notice. Since the Home Tender must be ready to show the home 7 days a week, 9am-7pm, they receive the benefit of a reduced rent.

Your home also remains insurable and the chance of vandalism is reduced. Many insurance companies will not insure a vacant home, however, that is resolved when the house is occupied by a Home Tender. Having the home occupied will also reduce the degradation of the neighborhood and appeal more emotionally to potential home buyers.Not only will your home look great, you will have the peace of mind knowing your investment is well protected and maintained!

We go above and beyond to ensure satisfaction from the realtors and homeowners we work with. We also do anything and everything we can to keep your investment safe and to help your home sell as fast as possible and for the highest price! No matter how long your home has been on the market, our services will turn your vacant house back into an inviting home! Don’t wait for your house to go into disrepair, contact Realty Home Tending today!

We offer:

  • Complete Home Tending and Staging services
  • Our services at NO COST to the Home Owner and Realtor
  • Assurance that your home will always be in “show condition”
  • Additional insurance coverage

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